SRBM '32 Ford Roadster

Standard Body Features: Street Rods by Michael's fiberglass '32 Roadster Body comes with Oak Reinforced Interior - Steel Reinforced 1" Boxed Tubing - Steel Plates in Floor Pan - Hidden Hinges - Bear Claw Door Latches - Hinged Deck Lid - Reinforced Core Mat in Floor and Body - Removable Dash - Custom Firewall.

Standard Chassis Features: The Stage 3 Chassis comes with the following STANDARD features: Fully boxed frame - front and rear crossmember -  tubular center crossmember - manual brake pedal assembly and master cylinder - Vega box and mount - Complete 4 bar front end or hair pin with axle, spring, spring perches, spring shackles, steering arms, spindles, shocks, u-bolts, lower shock mounts, kingpins, tie rods with ends, front brake kit, drag link, pitman arm, front panhard bar - Ford 9" rear housing, narrowed with axles, bearings, rear drum brakes, backing plates, rebuilt third member (2.75, 3.00 or 3.25 gear), rear coilover shocks, triangular or parallel four bar - All brackets welded in place.


Build Your '32 Ford Roadster!

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 '32 Ford Roadster Body  
  Full fendered package includes front and rear fenders, running boards and braces, steel front splash apron, rear frame horn covers and fender braces.
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 Chassis Selection  
Body Upgrades and Modifications
Trunk Lift
  Hi-Boy Headlight kits include weld-on shocks and headlight brackets.
Full Fendered Headlight kits include headlight bars and pads.
Windshield Kit
Roadster Top
  3 pc hoods come with hood braces and triple opening hood hinge kits.
4 pc hoods come with center hinge, latches, hood brackets and radiator rods.
Grille Shell and Insert
Chassis Upgrades and Modifications
Frame Notch
Frame Pinch (Open Wheel)  
Rear Bob  

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

Rear Shocks

Rear Brakes


Brakes (Manual/Power)  
Brake Lines
Fuel Tank
Wheels and Tires  
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